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Rural living keeps you busy. Things can get tough. But the landscape and beauty are priceless. The Forester, Subaru’s fourth-generation All-Wheel-Drive SUV, lets you take any journey, anywhere, calmly in your stride. You’ll be amazed where it will take you.

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Press on.

The Forester’s all-terrain capability is exceptional – for good reason. It all starts with permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Constantly adjusting the power and braking to each individual wheel, the Forester maintains the 4x4 grip you need. Negotiate slippery tracks, rocks and inclines – even faced with rain, ice or snow. Back on tarmac, the low, centrally-mounted Boxer engine makes all the difference: sweep through a corner – you’ll see what we mean.

Lighten your workload.

The Forester moves cargo easily: just flip the 60/40 split rear seats. More to move? There are integrated roof rails, too. The Forester is also designed to tow. Hitch up loads – like a trailer – weighing up to 2000 kg*. To avoid snaking, let Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) automatically adjust power and braking to quickly correct any over or understeer. An optional rear view camera makes reversing easy and safe.

Aim higher. Or lower.

Steep off-road inclines and descents are pretty daunting. In X-Mode with Hill Descent Control, the Forester automatically gives you the best possible grip. Negotiate what seems like impossible terrain gently, calmly – with complete control.

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