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An athlete’s soul. A champion’s heart.

A high-performance legend reborn.

For fans of motorsport worldwide, it takes just three letters to spell thrilling performance: STI. The all-new WRX STI offers fresh styling, but the hood scoop and dramatic, downforce- generating rear spoiler leave no question about what it is, or what it’s built for. Beneath the surface, it generates performance that is more focused and more invigorating than ever. ]



Designed to let your instincts take the lead.

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In high performance driving, every flick of your wrist or dart of your eye counts. The interior of the WRX STI is designed to heighten your driving experience by putting the controls and information you need where you expect to find them. The new D-shaped steering wheel offers linear response and convenient controls for vehicle systems. Crisp electroluminescent gauges deliver information with hardly a glance, whilst the new Multi-function Display can be modified to offer wide variety of vehicle data, including a digital boost gauge. And to help keep you in position to take control, the front seats feature deep bolsters and Alcantara®* inserts. 

  • Dual-zone automatic climate control air conditioning

  • Anti-dust/pollen filter

  • Tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjustment

  • Steering wheel mounted cruise controls

  • Front map lights with overhead cascade lighting

  • Luggage space lamp

  • Front cup holders

  • Driver and passenger illuminated vanity mirrors with lids 

  • Multi functional centre console with 12v power outlet 

  • Driver’s foot rest 

  • Seat back pocket 

  • Front electric windows 

  • Rear electric windows 

  • Leather wrapped steering wheel  

  • Leather wrapped manual gear knob

  • Door pockets with bottle holders 

  • 6-way manually adjustable driver's seat

  • Manual seat lifter (front passenger seat) 

  • 60:40 split-folding rear seats 

  • Sporty front seats with red stitching and red leather accents (Leather and Alcantara®*)

 * Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.



Positioned to be clearly visible with minimal distraction as you drive, this display shows you a variety of information that puts you in touch with your vehicle. It can even show a digital boost gauge that lets you keep tabs on your turbocharger. 





The vital driving information you need is only a glance away with these crisp, easy- to-read gauges. Fire up your WRX STI and the needles perform a full sweep to get your ready for the drive. A 3.5-inch LCD display located in the centre of the array can be customised to put the information you desire right in your direct field of view. 



MULTI-MODE Driver’s Control Centre Differential    

The DCCD allows you to dial in the centre differential locking of the WRX STI. It adjusts both an electromagnetic multi-plate transfer clutch and mechanical locking of a Limited Slip Differential to apportion the torque to the wheels. Auto Mode finds the ideal power distribution for changing conditions, Auto [+] keeps more power up front for increased traction, and Auto [-] puts more power to the rear for tighter cornering.



Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) lets you adapt the driving character of the WRX STI to your needs or desires. While in Intelligent Mode [I], acceleration is smooth with an eye toward optimal efficiency. Select Sport Mode [S] for linear response, and versatile command of every condition. To extract the maximum response from the turbocharged engine, switch to Sport Sharp Mode [S#]. It gives you the most direct throttle response and precise rev control across the entire rpm range. 

Engine type: Horizontally-opposed, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, high-boost turbocharged with large capacity intercooler, petrol engine. DOHC 16-valve

Transmission: 6 Speed Manual

0 - 62 mph

5.2 secs

Top Speed

159 mph


Driver's control centre differential type AWD

Built for drivers. Driven to be amazing.

No other car drives like it, because nothing else is built like it. Every Subaru is engineered with a deep commitment to you as a driver. Each has the power to put your mind at ease, and to enhance every aspect of your driving experience. The engineering insights that make a vehicle a Subaru make it reassuring, more versatile and more exciting. That’s why, among other advanced performance technologies, the all-new 2015 WRX STI is built with the one-of-a-kind Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system at its core. As its balanced, low-centre-of-gravity drivetrain bites the pavement with all four wheels, acceleration intensifies, your confidence expands, and every corner ignites a new passion for driving.

Third Generation Boxer Engine.

Under the aluminum bonnet of the all-new WRX STI sits the source of its breathtaking performance. A 2.5-litre turbocharged SUBARU BOXER engine generating 300 PS and 407 Nm of torque provide electrifying acceleration.

But it’s performance that you can modify with SI-Drive, which allows you select three different levels of response—from smooth and efficient, to totally unhinged. The engine also benefits from the Dual Active Valve Control System (Dual AVCS), which helps produce a flat torque curve across a wide rev range. And you harness that performance with a quick-shifting, natural- feeling 6-speed transmission. 

Take control and take it to the limit.

From the moment your first fire it up, the all-new WRX STI all but begs you let it loose on whatever curvy stretch of asphalt you can find. Its frame has been made 40%* more rigid for unbelievable controllability, and to make the most of every bit of ferocious grip coming from its exceptionally balanced Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive powertrain. Its track-tuned suspension is more responsive than ever with more rigid pillow ball bushings, an increased spring rate, stiffer front and rear stabiliser bars and additional rear subframe supports. This torsional rigidity and stability has reduced body roll by 16%* and has helped increase lateral acceleration by 7%*. It also features the Multi-mode Driver’s Control Centre Differential (DCCD), which allows you tailor the torque spilt between the front and rear wheels. 



This new technology helps make handling more precise, whilst allowing you to push your vehicle closer to the limit. As you enter a corner and lateral g-forces take hold, the system can route power to select wheels to help you keep your intended line. This means your WRX STI responds to your steering input more immediately and more engagingly. 



Because the engine block and its location enables a flatter profile and sits lower in the WRX STI's chassis, the car’s overall stance is more stable, blessed with greater balance and is more resistant to body roll than many other designs. It is no error of judgement and Subaru owners know that the overriding appeal is significant.


Throughout the rev-range the Boxer engine delivers immediate, responsive power smoothly, in a refined manner and without effort. The pistons lie flat and work against each other to reduce vibrations, aspects that make the ride as smooth and comfortable as it is exciting and engaging for the driver. The long-term benefits are myriad but include reduced strain and stress on car, driver and passengers, factors that enhance overall safety.


The engine’s ‘flat’ configuration is inherently rigid and self-balancing, while generating less vibration than 'V-type' or 'in-line' piston engines, for greater durability and more dependable performance.

* Comparison to previous generation WRX STI. Values are measured in accordance with standard measurement of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.


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The WRX STI also comes with a 3 year warranty for added peace of mind.